Democracy & Social Justice

Democracy Means Participation

Democratization requires a political process, in which all groups of society participate. FES Amman promotes open political discussion, supports the efforts of civil society organizations and furthers active participation of previously marginalized groups such as women and youth. A prerequisite for active participation is information. FES thus aims to contribute to the strengthening of independent media. In addition, FES facilitates regular dialogue between political decision-makers and experts from Germany and the Middle East.

The Focus of Our Work

  • Promoting political participation and improving democratic processes
  • Strengthening public institutions, civil society and the independent media Providing a platform for political, economic and civil society actors to engage in a constructive dialogue furthering the exchange between Parliament and civil society
  • Providing information and assistance to decision-makers through consultation and knowledge-transfer

Social Justice

Social justice is a key factor for inclusive growth and political stability in the Middle East. Together with its partners, FES Amman works towards shaping political and economic processes according to the principles of social justice and tackling challenges such as unemployment. FES also cooperates with local, regional and global trade unions and their federations.

The Focus of Our Work

  • Developing and discussing socially just alternatives to neoliberal economic policies as well as modern labor market and social policies, which aim at improving living conditions for broader parts of society
  • Building the capacities of democratically organized trade unions, which represent the interests of employees to employers and political decision-makers
Economic Policies for Social Justice

Economic Policies for Social Justice

Social Justice with its political and economic relevance are at the core of politics in the Arab world today. The uprisings of 2010/11, while not bringing about lasting political change to the region, have nonetheless... More


What is Social Democracy? Freedom, Justice & Solidarity

Which strategic choices do Trade Unions have to (re-)gain power?


A just transition in Jordan

Zeitoon, Bashar Mahmood

A just transition in Jordan

The role of trade unions
Amman, 2022

Download publication (230 KB, PDF-File)

Negotiations of Arab States under UNFCCC

Hashem, Mustafa; Yassin, Lina; Al Leil, Ahmad Saba

Negotiations of Arab States under UNFCCC

Interlinkages and recommendations
Amman, 2022

Download publication (10 MB, PDF-File)


Manna', Rashed; Saffouri, Omar


Green hydrogen opportunities in Jordan ; Report to the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
Amman, 2022

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