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Jordan is located at the heart of Middle East, shaped by its scarcity of natural resources and strongly effected by climate change. Temperatures are rising fast in Jordan and the region. The drought and aridity in the desert country is worsening with global warming. Not only does this further damage Jordan’s environment and ecosystem, but it also has major devastating effects on Jordan’s economy, leading to the ruin of agricultural production and the delay of industrialization.

Additionally, Jordan is one of the most energy-dependent countries in the world. It is currently importing 97% of its energy, which again slows down the economy and raises living costs. Meanwhile, energy demands grow rapidly due to the growth of population, economic activities, and mostly by the successive refugee fluxes.

At the same time the country was proven to have the most excellent conditions for a rapid expansion of renewable energy. Jordan has expressed high commitments to the Paris Agreement as well as to the Sustainability Goals (SDGs). Renewable energy resources in Jordan could enhance energy security, improve access to affordable energy, create jobs, and mitigate climate change.

We work together with our partners on different scenarios and solutions for a just transformation from a fossil-fuel based economy into and clean and independent energy system.

We conduct and support research on how to reduce energy consumption on local level and outline different solutions for urban sustainability in Jordan.

We support the civil society in bringing their needs into the national climate plan, as well as in developing a national and regional agenda for the climate summits.

The climate and energy activities in Jordan are part of the FES regional climate and energy project and are well connected to the activities in Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.


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ورقة توصيات حول استراتيجية قطاع الطاقة

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بالتعاون مع معالي وزيرة الطاقة وحشد من المهتمين تم إطلاق توصيات الطاقة ويسرنا مشاركتها معكم


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Recommendations for Energy Sector Strategy

05 Dec. 2019 - FES Amman;

On December 3rd, EDAMA and FES discussed our recommendations for a clean energy strategy, together with H. E. Hala Zawati,…


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الطاقة والمناخ في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا.. منظور الشباب لمستقبل مستدام

17 Nov. 2019 - FES Amman

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Regional Climate & Energy Project MENA

Climate justice, social consequences of Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, as well as a sustainable and social urban future in the MENA region are the core of the “Regional Climate and Energy” Project. FES in the MENA region has established a regional ‘Climate and Energy’ program in 2014 based in Jordan. more

International Energy and Climate Policy

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. It not only threatens the natural living conditions and the economic and social development of many countries, but also fundamental human rights such as the right to food, water, health and adequate housing. more

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